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In the recent episodes, Ridge makes a decision to remove Eric from the Forester household. Finn and Bridget discuss Eric’s situation with Stephy, Brooke, and Ridge at the hospital. Finn urges them to be grateful that Eric survived the surgery, but Ridge is upset about Eric’s slow recovery.

A flashback reveals Bridget and Finn trying to save Eric after his surgery. Ridge is furious, believing he allowed it to happen. Ridge expresses his frustration, saying Eric’s health is critical, with cables and tubes protruding from him. Brooke encourages Donna to stay with Eric at the hospital.

Later, Ridge argues that Eric shouldn’t be dependent on machines and suggests letting him go peacefully. Brooke and Stephy argue that there are other options, and treatment might offer Eric a chance at a better life. Finn expresses his desire to give Eric the treatment, but Ridge is skeptical.

Bridget appreciates Ridge’s decision, even though she wanted Finn to proceed. Ridge emphasizes the importance of quality of life, and Finn admits his field doesn’t offer guarantees.

In another storyline, Luna and RJ discuss Eric’s health in the design office. Luna is optimistic about Finn’s efforts to bring Eric back. RJ expresses his appreciation for Luna’s positivity, and they share a kiss, revealing their feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, Zenai feels sad for Donna, who recently reunited with Eric. Zenai becomes agitated with Ridge’s quick decision to remove Eric from life. Stay tuned for more updates on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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