Deacon has created a good business with Il Giardino, and he is so proud of it, but this time, he will make a terrible decision.

Next week, spoilers say that Deacon will ask Sheila to work with him at the restaurant so that he can keep his eyes on her.

Deacon still worries that Sheila could create problems again so he wants to make sure that Sheila won’t do anything crazy anymore.

But Deacon soon realizes that Sheila’s appearance will bring a lot of problems because nobody wants to see this crazy woman here.

Li will be the first person to confront Sheila at the restaurant, especially when Li hates Sheila so much because of what she did.

A heated confrontation will happen between Li and Sheila, and it looks as if Il Giardino may need a complaint department soon.

But Deacon will still stand his ground to protect his woman, he thinks that Sheila has changed and people need to give her a chance.

Deacon thinks that he will slowly change people’s minds and make them accept Sheila, he is trying his best for it.

But the question here is, will someone find a way to get rid of this woman, or they will have to see Sheila working there?

Spoilers say that Liam will suddenly appear and attack Sheila at the restaurant, what a shock it could be.

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