In the upcoming episode of The Young and the Restless (Y&R) on Tuesday, November 21, Nikki Newman will find herself unable to resist the alcohol left behind by Claire Grace.

Claire has been intentionally giving Nikki alcohol, causing her to spiral out of control. Despite Nikki’s attempts to escape, Aunt Jordan might intervene and create a roadblock in her getaway plan.

Meanwhile, Claire returns to Newman Media in Genoa City and encounters Victoria Newman. Trying to cover her tracks, Claire quickly spins a story about returning for some papers to work in Oregon while helping her aunt recover from a broken arm.

She tricks Victoria with false news about an accident involving Nikki at the lake house, leading Victoria to inform Victor Newman and potentially Nick Newman.

In another storyline, Kyle Abbott works on convincing Audra Charles that he has cooled down and reconsidered, expressing interest in rejoining Tucker McCall’s alliance. However, Kyle’s true motive is to uncover Tucker’s real agenda.

Audra, aware of Kyle’s intentions, plays him back in this dangerous game. Complications arise as Audra has genuine feelings for Kyle, and this could cloud her judgment as the storyline progresses.

The Young and the Restless spoilers hint at potential chaos and messy situations, so viewers should stay tuned for the unfolding drama in the upcoming episodes.


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