In the Tuesday, December 5, 2023, “Bold and the Beautiful” recap, Eric declares his love, a party is planned, and Thorne is on his way. Hope Logan looks for funding for Hope for the Future. Highlights from the recap show Steffy Forrester questioning how long they can continue like this. Donna Logan informs Brooke and Katie Logan that Eric Forrester passed out last night, so the celebration must take place today. Ridge Forrester is shocked by the news. Brooke and Katie would like to put it off, but Donna warns them that Eric might not have enough time to hold out. Eric might be done asking, but he really needs this right now. If RJ Forrester could have talked him out of this, Steffy thinks he would have. Zendi Forrester is aware of the reality, Ridge informs them.

When Brooke and Katie return, they inform Ridge that Eric is using oxygen. Katie says that today’s celebration is Eric’s request. Ridge is curious about what they are discussing this afternoon. Katie says Eric feels like time is running out. Eric’s health is checked by Donna, who doesn’t find Eric’s joke humorous. Eric claims he was thinking of his departure celebration. Donna is informed by Eric that he will not be sharing the information with his family. Eric would much rather have a party here than awake. Is everything proceeding as planned? Eric queries everything that has occurred in Eric’s home is disgusted.

Eric claims he is going to move to a different residence in the sky. Eric wants to reminisce about all the positive experiences he had there, the house where Brooke and Ridge first met. According to Eric, it has been amazing, and he wouldn’t trade it for any. According to Donna, Eric has altered her life. Donna is aware that Stephanie Forrester is on Eric’s mind. Eric promises that when he sees Stephanie, she will have a lot to say, but Donna must stay with him all the way through. Eric wishes he could bring all of his kids. Eric’s blessing is his family, although Eric and Donna won’t be spending a year together, they had an amazing adventure. They will need to make every moment matter, according to Donna.

According to Eric, they have a ton of amazing memories. Eric says that’s why it hurts so much leaving. Donna. Eric desires to spend more time with Donna. Eric hugs Donna and tells her he loves her. Rich Forrester persuades Thorne Forrester to modify his plans on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” When Ridge phones Thorne Forrester, he cancels his plans and leaves for Los Angeles. According to Thorne, the others are still on Safari and won’t be able to make it today. Ridge promises to update Thorne when he arrives, but Thorne is aware that something strange is happening. According to Ridge, Thorne has rescheduled and is en route. Hope finds it incomprehensible that Donna is allowing this to happen. Ridge promises that Eric will receive what he wants.

Eric wants them to do this; therefore, make sure you read up on everything that is currently going on with “B&B.” For news updates and spoilers about “The Bold and the Beautiful,” check back here frequently. Spoilers for the next week of December 4 on “The Bold and the Beautiful” indicate that Donna Logan jumps into action after Eric Forrester passes out. Eric, by the way, will keep organizing his massive extravaganza. Thus, anticipate seeing some familiar faces such as Thorne and Bridget Forrester. In addition, John Finnegan frantically studies Eric’s complaints. Discover what will happen next in the CBS soap opera by continuing to read spoilers for “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Eric Forrester’s collapse, according to DAT TMC’s spoilers for the week of December 4, Eric has one must-see moment. Fans witnessed Eric laying on the floor when Donna entered at the conclusion of the Friday, December 1, 2023, episode. Donna will undoubtedly run to Eric’s side to confirm his survival. Eric is and eventually will awaken. Eric will undoubtedly be pushed by Donna to visit the hospital, but given his patriarchal nature, he will likely refuse.

Spoilers for BMO’s known faces, two returning faces are among the must-see moments during the week of December 4. Bridget is the other, and Thorne is the fact that the grandfather is dying is unknown to Thorne and Bridget when they show up for Eric’s lavish banquet. There is a hint that Thorne and Bridget would find out about Eric’s condition in the middle of the week. Spoilers for “The Bold and the Beautiful,” John Finnegan’s feverish investigations, spoilers for the next week of December 4 on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” indicate that Finn conducting a frenzied amount of research is another must-see scene. Lee Finegan is made fun of for interrupting Finn while he’s conducting medical research. Lee is suspicious since she is aware of Eric’s lavish celebration and believes Finn ought to be there to back Steffy Forrester. Finnegan could Eric’s illness be the cause of Finn’s frantic research. Will the case be solved by Finn and Lee in the end, or does their research simply validate everyone’s deepest suspicions that Eric Forrester is, in fact, right now? It looks like it may go any way, so pay attention. Which plot will you be most

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