Hope Logan is grown-up, so she doesn’t always have to listen to her mother. But this time, she didn’t.

Her mother scolded her when she found her with Thomas in the office.

Hope even brought up her mother’s past actions, looking at her with a sarcastic expression.

She reminded her how she did similar things with Ridge Forrester in the office.

But there’s something odd. It’s like Hope didn’t really mind that her mother caught her with Thomas. She said she locked the door, but did she unlock it after?

Hope has changed a lot. Normally, she’d never intentionally hurt anyone. But there she was, in front of her mother, implying that Thomas was just a casual thing.

Brooke knows very well from the past that Thomas loves her daughter. She’ll probably bring that up when she talks to Hope privately after walking in on them at FC.

Hope always tells Thomas that these physical moments are all she’s ready for. Because he loves her so much, he’ll take what he can get.

As he said this week, as long as he has her in his arms, he’s happy with it.

But spoilers say that there will be a shocking death next month that will change their lives forever, let’s wait and see what is it.

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