Spoilers say that Deacon will try to persuade his daughter Hope to give him a chance to explain his feelings for Sheila.

He will make sure that Sheila has changed and she will never do anything crazy to people in town.

But it’s hard to believe especially when it comes to Sheila, and we know that Hope won’t listen to her father at all.

And this time, Hope will make it clear to her dad that she won’t accept Sheila and never will.

So Deacon must choose between his love-life, and his family with Hope and Brooke, and it’ll be a hard decision.

Meanwhile, Luna and RJ will share a kiss, and this kiss is a sign of a new couple in LA.

But trouble is coming to them as well because Li Finnegan will never let Luna stay in LA for any longer.

Looks like they are keeping a huge secret that could change everything in town, especially for the Forrester family.

Spoilers say that this secret could be related to Ridge, and Poppy must have had a connection with the dressmaker in the past.

What if Luna is Ridge’s long-lost daughter, and that means she and RJ are half-siblings, it could be a big bombshell.

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