ABC General Hospital spoilers have unveiled a complex and suspenseful storyline involving Sonny, Ava, Austin, and a mysterious character named Nicholas. Sonny informs Ava that Austin was working for Cyrus, complicating the dynamics of Ava and Austin’s relationship.

As subordinates of Cyrus, both Mason and Austin are tasked with carrying out orders even as Cyrus remains in prison. The revelation about Austin’s involvement with Cyrus infuriates Ava, who learns of the potential threats and kidnappings planned against her.

In a surprising turn of events, Sonny receives information that Austin has been shot to death. Connecting the dots, Sonny speculates that Ava might be responsible for Austin’s death, driven by anger over his betrayal.

Austin, aware of the crises Ava faced, had never been honest with her about his association with Cyrus. Sonny’s suspicions intensify as he contemplates Ava’s tough and unforgiving nature, making him believe that she could be capable of such an act.

Sonny decides to confront Ava directly, questioning her about Austin’s death. To his surprise, Ava denies being the one who shot Austin. Sonny acknowledges Ava’s straightforward personality, making him doubt her involvement in the crime. The mystery deepens as Sonny wonders who might have wanted to take Austin’s life.

With Austin’s connection to Cyrus kept secret, and considering his seemingly normal status without many enemies, Sonny begins to investigate the circumstances of Austin’s death. To his horror, he uncovers a shocking revelation: Nicholas, a character who has not appeared for a long time, may be the one responsible for Austin’s murder.

Nicholas, silently monitoring Ava’s life and possibly driven by jealousy, may have seen Austin as a threat to his perceived connection with Ava. Sonny and Ava, suspecting Nicholas of the crime, contemplate the motive behind the murder, suggesting a complex web of relationships and emotions that will unfold in the ongoing storyline.

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