Hello, everyone! Welcome to my channel. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Before starting the video, please go ahead and hit the Subscribe button and give this video a like. Nina’s secret storyline on General Hospital has been running in circles for quite some time, passing from one person to the other in quick succession, but none are willing to spill it just yet.

At this point, fans are urging Nina to fess up herself and put them out of their misery of watching the same thing play out day after day. Moreover, Nina might do them one better by taking Mikey down with her.

When Nina’s secret fell into Mikey’s lap on General Hospital, everyone thought that the curtains would finally fall on the secret storyline. However, upon getting out of prison, Michael decided to use the secret to his advantage, holding it as leverage over Nina to bend her to follow his commands. Nina had no option but to comply with his demands.

However, matters have started to escalate at a rather fast pace. Michael is not just chap-burning but also rationing Nina’s time with Willow and the kids on General Hospital to a dizzying degree. The distance that he has forced Nina to create between herself and her family is now becoming discerning and catching attention.

The latest spoilers reveal that Sonny corners Nina and demands an explanation for why she is distancing herself from Willow and her kids. Willow is visibly and vocally sad about not spending time with Nina. It will not be too long before Michael’s outlandish demands push Nina to her breaking point on General Hospital. She literally has just two options in her kitty as of now: either get exposed or confess, or continue to take orders from Mikey.

Now, let’s be honest, the latter is not sustainable in the long term, neither by Nina’s nature nor for the sake of the story. So, something has to change. In a speculative twist, what if Nina finds a third option? Remember how Michael had been bending over backwards to take Sonny down on General Hospital? What happened to that story?

It just fizzled out when Mikey dropped the pursuit, but it was too hyped to be swept under the rug. What if Nina found out about Michael’s attempts? She could blackmail him right back to drop his side of the blackmailing. That would bring her right back into her element.

Nina showing Mikey his place would be quite fun to watch. What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season and Spoilers for more General Hospital updates.

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