In the upcoming weeks on The Young and the Restless, Adam and Sally share an unexpected tipsy kiss after dinner, leading to lingering chemistry and potential temptation. Victor Newman proudly reinstates his classic portrait at Newman Enterprises, signaling his return to power. This sparks clashes with Victoria, who questions Victor’s behavior. Despite suggestions for a vacation from Nikki, Victor is determined to stay in control.

Tensions escalate within the Newman family, prompting Victor to give Victoria an ultimatum: follow his leadership or leave the company. Meanwhile, Tucker McCall manipulates Phyllis into becoming his ally. Tessa returns from a business trip and reunites with Mariah to address their daughter Aria’s hearing issue. Summer and Kyle put aside their differences and form a truce.

Victor surprises Lily by privately selling his stake in Chancellor-Winters to a third party, leaving her and Devon uncertain about the company’s future. Nikki confronts Audra, forcing her to make a tough choice. Depending on Audra’s decision, her fling with Kyle may end, despite Tucker’s desire to use Kyle to their advantage.

In the week of September 25-29, Victor’s official return and the changes at Newman Enterprises make waves in the business industry. Phyllis welcomes the return of her friend Danny Romalotti, but an intimate moment between them might lead to tension with Christine Blair Williams. Veronica Redd reprises her role as Mamie Johnson, revealing her involvement in the shares Victor sold. Mamie may reconnect with the Abbott family, whom she previously served as a beloved housekeeper.

Jack uncovers deception within the family business, leading to a shocking betrayal. Billy confronts Tucker with a furious threat, but Tucker remains unshaken, potentially escalating their confrontation.


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