There are some rumors on the social media that Eric Forrester is retiring and we will no longer see him on the show.

If it’s true, this is a very sad news for fans of the show, because Eric is a main character and he has been on the show since the beginning.

But based on what’s happening right now, we find some concerns about his health status, Eric said that he has arthritis so that he couldn’t draw anymore.

But maybe there is more about it, Eric could hide a serious health issue or he doesn’t know about it, but it will bring bad news to us in the near future.

Eric is on a battle with his son Ridge, he wants to show him that he can still work, and he doesn’t want to retire, but Ridge doesn’t think so.

He thinks that his father needs to leave the company to enjoy his days with family, and now Ridge and Eric will have a big battle with that.

Eric is the one who built this company for his family. But today he feels useless and nobody care about him and his appearance at the company anymore.

He’s the one who worked long and hard to put FC on the fashion world’s map. Ridge told his son, Thomas this week that all of this came from Eric’s vision.

But we just find out a very good news for fans, because John McCook, the actor who plays Eric has just signed his new contract with the show.

That means Eric will still be there with us in the future, and we don’t have to say goodbye to him anymore.

But his storyline on the show will become more complicated with the battle with his health and his son Ridge too.

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