Finn is so tired of his birth mom Sheila, but he doesn’t what to do to get rid of this woman, because Sheila will never give up on the relationship with him.

He is so sad because now his wife and the kids are living away from him, he misses them so much, and Finn is trying his best to find a way to get rid of this woman.

Next week, Finn will get the help of his adoptive mom, Li Finnegan, she will be the only person that Finn could lean on and find comfort during this time of need.

Li will encourage her son to fight for his family, and get rid of Sheila once and for all, although it’s hard, but Finn knows he has to do it.

Finn also knows that he needs to take back his wife as soon as possible because Liam is also finding a way to be with Steffy and steal his wife.

With that in mind, Finn will go crazy as he finds a way to get rid of Sheila, no one will believe what Finn is planning this time, he has a master plan for his birth mom.

Let’s wait and see how this storyline unfolds when Finn deals with his birth mother, and get rid of this woman forever.

Spoilers say that Taylor will also return to town in the end of this month, she has been with Steffy in Europe, and she will have some news for Finn.

Looks like Taylor and Finn will share some moments together, as Taylor supports her son in law to fight against Sheila.

But we hope that there will be no intimate moments between Taylor and Finn, because it could make things become more complicated.

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