Spoilers say that Deacon will let his future wife Sheila work at his restaurant, but looks like it’s not a good idea.

Right now, Deacon wants to keep Sheila with him all day, both at work and at home, he wants to spend his life with her.

Deacon also thinks that he could keep his eyes on Sheila so that she won’t create any problems for people in town anymore.

Deacon thinks that Sheila has changed, and he will prove to everybody that Sheila won’t fall back into the dark mode anymore.

When people know about Sheila and Deacon’s relationship, they will try to confront him, and also demand him to leave Sheila immediately.

Spoilers say that his restaurant will receive a lot of people coming through, but not for food, they come for Sheila.

Most of the people bringing in the complaints aim them at Sheila. Like Li Finnegan, Brooke, and even his daughter Hope.

Deacon will soon realize that he has a huge trouble when he lets Sheila work here, will he change his mind about that?

But looks like Deacon will keep his decision, he is trying his best to show everybody that Sheila has changed.

But how about Brooke, does he have any feelings for her? If Brooke decides to marry him, will Deacon dump Sheila for that?

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