Spoilers say that Ridge and Brooke will grow concerned about their son RJ hiding something, because of his strange behaviors lately.

They only know that RJ is working with his granddad Eric on the fashion line, but they don’t know about Eric’s health problems.

As for RJ, he is struggling to keep this secret, because he worries so much for his granddad, but he promised Eric that he will tell anything.

RJ only confided in Luna and this girl also joined in with him to keep this secret, so someone needs to step up and tell the truth.

Eric’s health condition is getting worse, and we believe that he will meet his grim fate if he doesn’t stop working.

But Eric is very determined with his decision, he wants to compete against his son and show Ridge who is the boss.

We are worrying so much about Eric’s condition, and hope that this fashion battle will end soon and Eric will be saved on time.

Next week, spoilers say that Katie will overhear Donna and Eric’s conversation and she will be shocked when she finds out the truth.

But will Katie spill the bean to her sister Brooke, we bet that she won’t because Donna will demand her to keep it a secret.

So hope that Dr Colin will meet Ridge, and secretly tell him about Eric’s health problem so that things can be stopped before too late.

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