RJ is struggling with his grandfather’s secret, and we know that he wants to remain loyal to Eric, but he also feels sad for keeping the truth from his father

RJ thinks that he will be very angry if someone keeps the secret about his dad, so he believes that Ridge will feel the same about it

Spoilers say that RJ will soon learn about Eric’s diagnosis, and he will be shocked to learn that his granddad is dying and only has six months to live

This will push RJ to the edge, and looks like he’s about to come clean to his dad, right before the fashion showdown begins

Will Ridge learn the truth and stop the battle with his father, so that he could find a way to save him, or he will be late

Spoilers say that a tragic death will happen in town, and looks like Eric will met his grim fate this time

They said that the fashion showdown will end up in disaster, and it will be replaced by a memorial service instead

What will Ridge think when he knows that his father is dying, we believe that he will feel so sad and desperated about it

The fight is ongoing but sadly, it looks like Eric may go down during that time B&B will be packed with activities over the next two weeks

Don’t miss a minute to see the return of Steffy Forrester and all the great drama on CBS

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