Spoilers say that a huge bombshell will happen in Eric and Ridge’s fashion showdown, and everybody will be shocked with it.

We could finally see the winner in this battle, but looks like they won’t care about the result anymore if they know that Eric is dying.

Ridge will feel sad and also regret for the way he treats his dad, will he be able to say sorry to Eric, before too late.

Meanwhile, Eric only wants to win, he even doesn’t care about his health condition, he knows that this is his final chapter.

Eric only has six months to live, it could be less based on what the doctor said to Donna.

Eric may not be able to work until the fashion showdown begins, so someone needs to step up and save him.

Spoilers say that we could wait for Katie to tell Brooke the truth, because Katie isn’t good at keeping secret.

Although she agreed with Eric and Donna to keep this secret, but she can’t stand and watch Eric dying this way.

Hope that Brooke could tell Ridge everything on time, and Eric could be saved before too later.

Spoilers say that Eric will be brought to the hospital, and Ridge will also cancel the fashion showdown.

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