Secrets have a notorious history of tearing families apart, and in the world of soap operas like “The Bold and the Beautiful,” it’s often a curse. Currently, Donna and RJ find themselves in a precarious situation. The aftermath of their decision to keep Eric’s deteriorating health under wraps is bound to exact a heavy toll. It wouldn’t be surprising if Ridge, in a few months’ time, holds either Donna or RJ accountable for Eric’s unfortunate fate.

The reason for this speculation lies in the grim reality: Eric only has about six months to live, or perhaps even less. The stress from the ongoing fashion showdown is further diminishing his chances of making it to another day. It’s only a matter of time before Ridge discovers the truth about his father’s condition, but by then, it might be too late to intervene.

Next week, as Eric collapses on the runway or faces a similar ordeal, Ridge’s concerns will escalate. At the hospital, he will learn that Donna and RJ were privy to Eric’s terminal condition all along. Despite this knowledge, they chose to watch Eric suffer in silence. The spoilers have confirmed that Donna will be at the center of an emotionally charged storyline, grappling with tough decisions. She’ll ultimately find herself with no choice but to reveal Eric’s condition to the Forrester family, bearing the weight of this monumental secret.

It’s difficult to fathom the pain and turmoil Donna is enduring. Most would have already divulged the truth to grant Eric even one more day of life. Yet, she’s determined to honor Eric’s dying wish, even as the burden weighs heavily on her. However, I firmly believe it’s not worth it. Ridge, too, will likely share this sentiment when he learns of Eric’s diagnosis.

As we know, Katie was devastated upon overhearing the conversation between Donna and Eric. She urged her sister to promptly inform Ridge of the situation. But with Donna choosing to keep silent, the impending revelation promises to shatter the entire family. The pivotal question remains: how will Ridge react to the shocking news of his father’s impending demise? It’s easy to imagine Ridge leveling accusations at both Donna and RJ. They will undoubtedly face a steep price for their choices. One can’t help but wonder if RJ might contemplate leaving Los Angeles if something were to happen to Eric. And, of course, Donna may vanish, grappling with an overwhelming sense of responsibility for Eric’s passing.

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