Spoilers say that some shocking news will happen to the Spencer men, especially for Liam and Wyatt.

In the latest confirmation on social media, Wyatt has left the cast members, and it means we will no longer see him on the show.

Hope that we could once again see him back in the near future, but right now, one Spencer man will disappear.

But how about Liam, we haven’t seem him much lately, especially when Steffy left town, looks like Liam doesn’t know what to do.

He and Hope are done now, and they no longer think about each others in their life anymore.

Spoilers say that something bad will happen to Liam as the show drop a huge bombshell to viewers.

They said that a mysterious death will come to town, and Liam will meet his grim fate this time.

This is a huge shock that no one has thought about, because no one could believe that this shocking death could happen to Liam.

Spoilers say that some shocking twists and turns are on the way, and let’s wait and see what will happen to the Spencer men.

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