Liam is finding a way to destroy Steffy and Finn’s marriage, because he knows that this is a perfect chance for him to do that.

He is very determined to take back his ex-wife, especially when Finn can’t find a way to get rid of Sheila, he is stuck in this position.

Liam told Steffy everything that Finn did, and we believe that Steffy will feel disappointed with her husband.

Spoilers say that Steffy will return to LA next week, but instead of reuniting with her husband Finn, she will choose to spend time with Liam.

Steffy wants to make sure about the safety of her kids, and she can’t stay near Finn while Sheila is still here.

So Liam knows that he needs to do something to destroy Steffy and Finn’s marriage, and he will find out a shocking connection.

This is the connection between Finn and Hope, the two are spending too much time together lately.

Hope was Steffy’s enemy in the past, she stole Liam from Steffy, and now she is growing some feelings for Finn too.

If Liam finds out what Finn and Hope have done together, he will tell it to Steffy immediately.

And of course, it will create a huge damage betweem Steffy and Finn, maybe their marriage will come to an end.

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