Deacon finally stepped up and asked Sheila to marry him, and after that, he also arranged a meeting with Finn and tried to persuade him to give Sheila a chance.

Deacon knows that Sheila always wants a relationship with her son Finn, and although it’s hard to convince Finn, Deacon still wants to help his future wife.

Although Finn doesn’t listen to anything at all, he is very determined with his mission to get rid of his birth mom and take back his family.

But Deacon and Sheila won’t give up, they will try to make Finn see the right thing to do is give Sheila a chance, and she will prove it to everybody.

Meanwhile, Hope will soon know about the shocking bombshell that her father is going to marry Sheila and of course, she will be shocked with it.

This time, Deacon will be in big trouble, he will have to persuade his daughter to see the different side of Sheila.

He will express his true feelings for Sheila and he wants his daughter to be happy for him, but Hope will go crazy with this idea and she won’t accept that.

This situation will also bring Hope and Finn closer, now they have to deal with the fact that their parents are getting married.

When Hope said to her mom Brooke that she talked to Finn, Brooke seemed happy and looked like she wanted her daughter with Finn, not Thomas.

Looks like a new love connection will happen between Hope and Finn, and it will make things complicated.

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