In Thursday’s episode of General Hospital on January 11th, the second part of the tribute to Bobby Spencer unfolds, promising significant surprises and emotional moments. Robert Scorpio reconnects with Anna Dain, extending an offer to make necessary calls, indicating his willingness to assist Maxi Jones in gathering people to share their memories of Bobby Spencer.

Brighton Hartford, known for portraying BJ Jones in her childhood, is revealed as the actress playing the reporter covering Bobby’s work against human trafficking. This heartwarming addition to Jaclyn Zan’s tribute involves Maxi collaborating with Angela on her story at Kelly’s, finding a meaningful way to contribute in Bobby’s honor.

Maxi conducts interviews with individuals whose lives were touched by Bobby, including Elizabeth Baldwin, who recalls Bobby’s support after her assault, emphasizing the absence of shame in their interactions.

Lucy Co also contributes emotionally, reflecting on her fortunate life and weaving her story into the larger narrative. In Amsterdam, Felicia Scorpio teams up with Cari Spencer to uncover the mysterious contact associated with Bobby. While Robert Scorpio may offer assistance through phone calls, the duo treads cautiously to avoid jeopardizing the rescue operation.

The preview video suggests a potential breakthrough as Felicia hints at having found Bobby’s contact, with Elise Robertson making an appearance as Famy, indicating that Famy might be the contact Cari and Felicia are seeking. Cari eventually discloses a hidden facet of her mother’s life – Bobby’s secret mission to help trafficked women seek asylum.

With one woman, Cornelia, still unaccounted for, Carly is determined to ensure her safe passage to freedom. General Hospital spoilers hint at Cari and Felicia orchestrating a mission to bring Cornelia to the United States, underscoring their commitment to fulfilling Bobby’s unfinished work. Stay tuned for updates on this compelling storyline.

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