Hope is playing a dangerous game with Thomas’s heart, we know that Hope doesn’t love Thomas, but she still wants him to be loyal to her.

That’s ridiculous, because Hope thinks that Thomas is just a bedroom partner for her, but she doesn’t know that Thomas is slowly obsessed with her again.

This time, Hope is growing feelings for Finn, a married man, she thinks that Finn is a good man and Steffy is lucky to have a man like him.

Of course, Thomas doesn’t know about it, but if he knows that Hope has feelings for another man, he will go crazy.

Especially when Finn is married to Steffy, Thomas’s sister, so Thomas will become furious if he knows that Finn is a cheater.

This could push Thomas to become a bad person again, and Taylor is right, Hope will destroy everything that Thomas has built for years.

It’s only a matter of time before Finn and Hope cross the line and we believe that someone will catch them.

Maybe this person is Douglas, this little boy always be the first person to spill every secrets on this show.

And we know that Douglas will tell his dad about Hope and Finn’s actions, and then Thomas will go crazy to hear that.

Spoilers say that Thomas and Finn will be in a big battle ahead, and then Steffy will soon know what her husband is doing behind her back.

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